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We Are Not Alone

Camp Shane is fun, friendly, warm and wonderful. Sure, you’re nervous. What will the camp look like? What will the other campers be like? Will I be the heaviest camper there or am I too thin for a diet camp?

Will I even be able to lose weight?

All good questions, and we will show you that at Camp Shane, you will feel welcome, comfortable and happy. Making friends and having fun will make all the difference

We care, we help each other

Here, dieting is not an obsession. Great weight loss is only one part of our program. You’ll have so much fun with new friends being active, silly, wacky and doing the unexpected, you’ll lose weight without even thinking about it. We don’t make being overweight a bigger problem than it is. We are a community. We support each other, teach each other and have a wonderful time together. Our counselors know exactly what you’re going through. They are here to help. You’ll love them!

You will lose the weight and once you do, you can keep it off! We’re here to help you succeed. And you will have the best time of your life becoming the person you want to be

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